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The Minority Globe, humanitarian organization is formed by a group of philanthropists, artists, musicians, social workers and individuals from all walks of life. Our main aim is to inform public opinion about migration and raise awareness through arts and music, without any regards to race, religion or culture. But rather respect to all in peace and harmony.

In late 2009, The Minority Globe was only the name of a musical band formed in Morocco
by Reuben Y. Odoi with some other African musicians, while working and collaborating
with national and international NGOs and associations, such as the doctors without borders (M.S.F) for some period of years. And also collaborate with journalists and film makers.

In his own words, he says he is the little boy from the west, who always shocks the shark from the shadow in the shanty towns.

My voluntary work at M.S.F consisted of assisting undocumented migrants from sub-Saharan Africa to receive social, medical and psychological needs. It was during these periods when I realize, that the population needed much more than, just what MSF and the other organization could offer.
And this was when I gradually developed a new vision of the whole concept from which I have keep working on, until date, to give a real meaning to The Minority Globe.

My time spent with this vulnerable fellows, was a great discovery to me, I realized there were so many talents among them, starting from sport, music, arts and comedy, not forgetting of the university graduate engineers, doctors, nurses, social workers and so on. Literates and illiterates, I mean they are from all walks of life.

Many undocumented sub-Saharan immigrants have chosen to live their life lives in Europe or the industrial world, due to greater financial opportunities.

Since the withdrawal of European colonial powers from Africa, the continent has had a very negative economic crisis, which resulted in an increase in the flight to Spain of undocumented immigrants seeking EU citizenship. From there, the immigrants make their way throughout Europe and even to America. This flight from poor countries is comparable to the flight of immigrants from Mexico and South America to the U.S

These issues brought my focus on indigenous people living in our world, learning about their daily struggle to make their voices be heard and writing songs and creating arts inspired by the daily lives of this people. The main aim of The Minority Globe, musical band is to play a kind of music to the ears of every one, with it’s lyrics in a language that every one may understand. The band works and researches on varieties of music like as fellows: Reggae & soul, R&B, rap, jazz, blues, country, funk, rock, afro beat juju or world music and many more, making sure to come out with its own style of music.

Part of our gains made through our music and art work goes in to humanitarian projects for the most vulnerable people, single mothers and children who need social health care, sanitation and education. As I had decided that a special effort is needed in the private sector, use registered The Minority Globe, as a little company to produce musical albums, get it on the market to backup the vision of the artists.

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